5 Contouring Procedures for the Perfect Feminine Look

Shaving and Contouring Procedures

When considering facial feminization, there are a number of potential procedures that could be used to contour, or mold, particular aspects of the face to look more feminine. Many FFS surgery procedures will take advantage of these procedures to create an ideal look.

1. Mandible Contouring

The mandible is a part of the human jaw, and is therefore one of the most important aspects for the structure and appearance of a person’s face. A more rounded, narrow jaw is something most will associate with female, while broader, squarer jaws are better associated with masculinity. The chin can be reshaped fairly easily with a simple procedure that is commonly used for this purpose, where an incision is made through the mouth and the mandible reshaped from there.

2. Tracheal Shave Procedure

Often, an Adam’s apple is one of the key characteristics looked for to distinguish men from women; when they are small or invisible, they are generally considered to be feminine. An Adam’s apple can be made smaller during this procedure, and the amount of cartilage present in the area can also be shaved down. This is done more easily with younger patients, but can be performed on almost anyone.

3. Forehead Reduction Surgery

The forehead is often regarded as being the single most important element of FFS surgery, and the more significant difference between masculine and feminine facial details. The key element of this procedure is focused on a bone that forms a ridge just above the eyebrows. Reshaping and shaving this bone can have a dramatic difference on the appearance of the entire face. Making this ridge invisible is one of the most important aspects of facial feminization.

4. Jaw Shaving and Reduction

Similar to mandible contouring, jaw shaving and reduction procedures focus on the shape of the jawline; whether it is broad or narrow, square or rounded. This procedure is often accompanied by a mandible contour, since the two procedures complement each other fairly well. In this one, the jawline is shaved through a mild surgery to soften its appearance above the skin.

5. Chin Implant Surgery

This is another surgical procedure that focuses on the facial area below the mouth. The point of the chin is another important aspect of differentiating the male and female face, and so chin implants are fairly common. This is a procedure that can be used to modify the shape of the chin, either making it more rounded or more pointed. Even without the feminization aspect of the procedure, this can be a good way to make the face look more balanced and natural, making it a popular choice for facial feminization.

FFS surgery is a very detail-oriented process, but this is only to ensure that it gets done properly and professionally the first time. There are a great many ways that the face can be feminized to create a unique experience for everyone that should match what they are looking for. Feminization is no longer a long, difficult process; this is not to say it is simple, but it has definitely come a very long way.