Dr. Harrison Lee Discusses Caitlyn Jenner’s Surgery

Dr. Harrison Lee
Image Credit: Insider & E Entertainment

Before Caitlyn Jenner came out and mentioned that she had facial feminization surgery performed, many people did not know what the term entailed. As a result, Dr. Harrison Lee, the doctor who helped Caitlyn by performing the surgery on her, has spoken about the importance of the part he played with regards to her gender transformation surgery.

A High Profile Surgery

Although Dr. Lee has performed many facial feminization procedures on patients over the years, Caitlyn’s was the one that was the most talked about. He stated, “Female feminization surgery (FFS) is an incredibly niche market, but a lot broader than most people think. Knowing how high-profile this surgery was going to be, I was thinking about all the people who were on the fence about this type of surgery, and knowing that if Caitlyn’s surgeries were successful, they would empower other transgender candidates to realize that they, too, can live the life they choose.”

Know What Patients Want

To ensure that the procedure would be a complete success, Dr. Lee had to find out exactly which FFS procedures Caitlyn wanted to have performed, as each transgender patient has different goals in this regard. He said, “As a facial plastic surgeon I focus initially on understanding the patient’s concept of beauty. Beauty is subjective. Everyone is unique and has a unique concept of beauty. Oftentimes, my patients tell me that they feel trapped in a face they cannot identify with in the mirror. My job is to create a reflection they can identify with.”

A Job Well Done

Dr. Harrison Lee obviously performed a fantastic job of the surgery on Caitlyn, as it was quite clear that she was completely satisfied with her new appearance. “I was thrilled, but it wasn’t until Caitlyn looked at herself in the mirror and smiled that I was truly satisfied. Only when my patients are happy am I happy. And yes, I am very happy.” Recently, Dr. Lee’s coworker, Dr. Gary J. Alter, who performed ‘some body work’ on Caitlyn, also discussed what has probably been the most famous transition surgery in the world. He stated to the Daily News, “She’s extremely happy with the results, and we are too.”

A Cultural Milestone

Although there is no confirmation regarding whether Caitlyn Jenner has had any form of genital surgery carried out, typical surgery procedures that are commonly associated with the feminization and transformation process include buttock and/or breast implants, tummy tucks and liposuction. Dr. Alter refused to provide specifics regarding the surgery he had performed on Caitlyn, but he did mention the fact that he was honored to be a part of something that would help many other transgender people in years to come.

Dr. Alter went on to state the following with regards to the role he played in helping Caitlyn become her true self, “This is a cultural milestone for transgender patients. This enables other transgender patients to be better accepted and enables society to better understand what they go through.”