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Facial FeaturesNot every model-skinny or angular face is thought to be ideal. From an evolutionary point of view, fuller faces are a sign of immunity to infections and heart health.

Therefore, to some degree, we’re programmed to be more attracted to specific faces over others. Sexual dimorphism includes one of the main factors in deciding what we find attractive. The more feminine a female’s features, the more appealing she is considered to be.

For females, features such as a small nose, large eyes, and fuller lips are generally thought to be more appealing since they enhance facial femininity. Research focuses in further and claims that a larger forehead & smaller chin and nose are thought to be more desirable in women.

What Makes a Face Attractive?

The reason? Scientists think that we have evolved to consider female specific characteristics as markers of high estrogen-to-testosterone ratio. It suggests that high fertility— in the end, is all about reproducing.

However, just because you do not look like Megan Fox does not mean you are out of luck. It is vital to note that it is less about your unique features than it is about your overall face. As long as your facial features collectively feminize the face, you are still considered beautiful. If a woman’s high cheekbones contribute to greater femininity, the overall appearance will be perceived to be attractive, not necessarily the high cheekbones by themselves.

While on the subject of cheeks, according to research performed at St. Andrews University found that facial adiposity, or perception of weight within the face, was rated as more appealing to males. From an evolutionary point of view, fuller faces are a sign of agreeable immunity to other infections and cardiovascular health.

Facial Asymmetry Correction

Symmetry is an equally important factor when considering the overall level of attractiveness of the face. Furthermore, the concept is if you possess a history of poor developmental stability—for instance, a nutrition deficiency or a major illness early on—you usually possess asymmetrical features. Therefore, evolutionary psychologists think individuals have evolved to discover healthy facial features appealing, and symmetrical facial features include a great indication of health.

Now we will touch on the wonders of makeup application. Foundation will smooth your skin, making it look younger and healthier. Lipstick and eye makeup also can accentuate natural femininity. The more contrasting and darker the lips are from your surrounding skin, the more appealing. The reasoning? It is related to better oxygen levels, agreeable respiratory health—even sexual arousal.

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