How Dr. Mardirossian Helped One Transgender FIU Student Make the Transition 

FFS Patient

At some point in life, a majority of us struggle with self-acceptance. Naturally, for some, it is more than others. Those who probably have to deal with this the most are transgender people. Individuals who feel like they are women trapped in the body of a man or vice versa. Such is the case of Marlyn, a 23-year-old student at FIU.


Marlyn especially struggled with her appearance. She said that her struggle with her appearance was not due to vanity but because it was in contradiction, to whom she was inside. She would continually harm herself and was going through some mental and emotional torment. Repeatedly, she went to bed hoping to either wake up a girl or lose her life before the sun came up. People always told her to accept herself as she is but transgender is who she was.

The transformation

At one point, Marlyn gathered enough courage to go to Dr. Vartan Mardirossian’s office. A step she could not have taken without the support of her friends and family. Dr. Vartan’s duty was to make her face more feminine. As her doctor, he said that for him to be able to achieve the results she wanted, he had to converse with her and try to see her face through her eyes. He said that he had to find the right way to reflect and express her inner world on the external one.

The timeline

Due to a variety of reasons, a procedure can be done over the duration of a couple of months or a few hours. Marlin opted to have all five procedures done in a day. It started at eight and lasted until five in the evening. However, she took longer to accept herself. Eventually, after all, the changes she underwent in her mental and physical self, she has finally accepted who she is.


Thanks to scientific advancements in the field of medicine, those who’s inner being conflicts with the external one can find redemption in the hands of doctors such as Vartan Mardirossian.