How to Get the Appearance of a Feminine Jaw

How to Get the Appearance of a Feminine JawMen naturally have a strong chin and jawline. They are often characterized by their square, blunt appearance. But, a square jaw is not necessarily a “male” feature. In fact, some of the most beautiful women in the world—Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, and Gisele Bundchen—have square jaws.

Despite square jaws being an acceptable look for women, the female jaw is still thinner than the male jaw, especially if you examine the angles that go behind the ears and down to the lower edge of the jawline. Most females with square jaws still have slightly rounded corners and the angles, while square, are not blunt.

Male versus Female Jaw

There are a few key characteristics that make a person recognize a male jaw from a female one, including:

  • Men have longer chins.
  • The angles of a man’s jaw are sharp, giving it the appearance of a square, whereas a female’s square jaw is still rounded.
  • The chin on a man’s face is flat at the base, and a female chin is pointed.
  • A man’s jaw appears wider, heavier, and thicker than a woman’s.

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How to Make a Masculine Jaw Look More Feminine

There are numerous ways to make a masculine jaw appear more feminine, including non-surgical options. While the non-surgical options can certainly give the appearance of a female jaw line, they are not permanent; therefore, you will have to work daily to give yourself a feminine-looking jawline.

Change Your Hairstyle

Your hair can be used as a way to gently cover up your otherwise masculine jawline. A wavy, layered style can come over the jawline and keep it covered. Avoid short or blunt hairstyles that expose the jaw. Shoulder-length or longer hair help to hide your jaw without making it obvious.

Use Contouring Makeup

Today makeup has come a long way, and it can cover just about anything. While it cannot cover up a blunt, masculine jawline, it can soften the angles when you use the right contouring procedure. There are plenty of makeup tutorials online that show you how to contour your jaw so that it appears rounder.

Jaw Shaving

Jaw shaving and reduction is a surgical procedure that permanently changes the appearance of your masculine jaw. During this procedure, a facial feminization surgeon will reduce the bone structure of the jaw, tapering the sides, reducing the bulk, and trimming the corners to make them appear round. While this does require surgery and some recovery, most transgender individuals find jaw shaving more beneficial than conventional cover-up methods because it is permanent and doesn’t require excessive preparation to cover the jaw each day. Learn more about jaw and mandible shaving.

Meet with a Skilled Surgeon Today

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