4 Popular FFS Procedures to Help you Look More Feminine

FFS Surgery

The emergence and acceptance of the transgender community has increased public awareness of facial feminization surgery (FFS). While FFS is of tremendous benefit to transgender patients, it isn’t limited to one demographic. FFS surgery has been a popular area of cosmetic surgery for all people looking for more feminine features.

FFS can reach out and help a lot of people.

To understand how, we’ll discuss the goal of FFS.

FFS is meant to provide patients with all of the major and subtle facial features that support true gender. It’s convenient to think of it as “gender confirmation surgery” because it helps patients appropriately identify as male or female. It encompasses a broad range of cosmetic and plastic surgeries.

In relation to plastic surgery, there are four procedures that are most commonly performed.  They are:

Forehead Contouring

A feminine face has a smooth forehead, wide eyes, and a soft appearance. Forehead contouring is a dynamic and advanced surgery that involves reshaping the bones around the eyes to achieve this feminine look. It’s a very powerful way to truly transform the appearance of the face. Before and after photos show remarkable improvement.

Mandible Contouring

Overall face shape is determined by jaw structure. Stereotypically, men have wide jaws and square chins, whereas women have a narrow and soft contour. Unfortunately, some women can be born with a masculine shaped jaw and chin. Mandible contouring is a way to improve this. It uses tiny incisions inside the mouth to access and then reshape the mandible. The corners of the jaw are reshaped, and the shape of the chin is adjusted. The results are remarkable. Before and after pictures, and patient testimonials provide proof that the procedure is extremely effective.

Trachea Shave

Some women can be born with a large Adam’s apple. A trachea shave is a procedure that can be used to correct this. It removes excess cartilage around the vocal cords. It’s minor in comparison to forehead and mandible contouring− usually taking less than an hour. After surgery, patients are surprised and pleased with their new neckline.


Rhinoplasty is a common plastic surgery procedure that can fall under the classification of facial feminization surgery. It’s generally used as a compliment to forehead and mandible contouring. The goal is to create a feminine nose that fits the face. The result is always a more beautiful appearance.

If you’re interested in FFS, one of the most important things you should know is that the face they were born with might not be the right one.

FFS isn’t only for transgender people.
Many females with male attributes have benefited from FFS. Think of it as “gender confirmation surgery” that’s used to support true gender. This definition and the information in the post can be used to enable you to arrange a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon who has completed a fellowship in FFS. A new and improved you and can right around the corner.