Why Society’s Apprehension to FFS Shouldn’t Slow Anyone Down from Pursuing

Society & FFS

Most of the world tends to only associate cosmetic surgery with breast lifts, Botox injections and liposuction treatments. However, facial feminization surgery (FFS) is equally important in that it is considered essential for anyone who will be undergoing reassignment surgery at any point in the future.

What is FFS?

Most individuals who are transgender will at some stage want to soften the appearance of some or even all of their facial features. This can be done by having facial feminization surgery performed, which consists of a few different forms of surgery that have been specifically devised for this purpose. FFS can involve shaving and contouring procedures such as mandible shaving, chin shaving, tracheal and jaw shaving, brow lift procedures and scalp advancement surgery. Each patient is able to decide which of the procedures will be best for him – depending on the end result that he would like to achieve.

Society and Facial Feminization Surgery

Although society seems to be a little more accepting of transgender individuals who have had FFS and reassignment surgery performed these days, many have not undergone these procedures because they are afraid of how those around them will react. Therefore, the transgender community still needs a lot more support in this regard. Another factor that may be preventing everyone from having FFS that requires it is the fact that only a handful of cosmetic surgeons are willing to perform the much-needed facial feminization procedures that individuals require to complete the transformation process.

Support for Bruce Jenner

When Bruce Jenner recently announced the fact that he was transgender, he received an overwhelming amount of support from all over the world. Social media network Twitter was abuzz for days afterwards with messages of support from people like Lady Gaga, which said, “We have the chance to write this moment in history together. Let’s empower people like Bruce all over the world by being loving & not mean,” and another from Billy Jean King that said, “#BruceJenner we learn from you to be courageous, funny and to be our authentic self. With love and Go for it!”

Finding the Right Surgeon

Regardless of how society feels about procedures like these, individuals who choose to have any of them performed deserve to receive the same amount of respect as those who are having any other form of cosmetic surgery performed. The good news is that there are a few surgeons who are not only willing to perform them, but who will also be more than willing to provide these patients with the type of support structure that will be required to help them cope afterwards.

Instead of ostracizing and belittling those who have chosen to admit their true feelings, it is far more important for society to embrace them with open arms and provide them with just as much support as anyone else would receive after having any form of cosmetic surgery performed. After all, it takes a lot of courage for anyone to show their true feelings and to be willing to admit who they really are.

FFS Infographic