One Amazing Transgender Transition Discusses her Transformation

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Transgender Stef Sanjati, age 20, has always struggled to look at herself in the mirror – even to the point where she would spend 5 hours a day applying makeup in an effort to appear more feminine. However, she was recently able to have Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) performed and is planning to undergo Sexual Realignment Surgery (SRS) at some point as well.

Costly but Well Worthwhile

Before having the $45,000 FFS surgery, Ms. Sanjati said that it wasn’t a matter of her disliking herself; she felt that the person staring back at her from the mirror simply didn’t reflect who she truly was. “For myself, waking up and looking in the mirror is like pressing reset on your favorite gam every day. Losing all progress, going backwards, never reaching your potential. It’s incredibly frustrating, not seeing what you see in your head in the mirror. I don’t think I have uploaded an untouched photograph since before I started my transition – I nip and tuck at my face, reducing my jaw here, enlarging my cheek there… all with the goal of looking more like what we perceive as feminine,” she said.

Extremely Happy with Her Surgery

After posting a video on YouTube on December 17th that documented her journey when the surgery had been performed, Ms. Sanjati noted that she was not only very happy with how the surgery had gone; she was also feeling grateful. She mentioned that she couldn’t really fully express herself at the time, but she reported that she was experiencing minimal pain.

More than 1,000 people have donated to Ms. Sanjati’s cause by means of a GoFundMe campaign, which helped raised a staggering $32,000 to cover the procedures. She went on to mention that having both the FFS and SRS procedures would go a long way in helping to improve her mental health as well.

Ready for SRS Procedures

Ms. Sanjati has also mentioned that she now feels ready to undergo Sexual Realignment Surgery to complete her transformation process. Costs for these particular procedures tend to vary depending on the person who is having them performed.

Sanjati mentioned that the reason why it took her so long to do her make-up was because she wanted to do everything possible to feel comfortable with her face – even going as far as using a range of photo-editing applications to make sure that photos reflected how she wanted people to see her.

Sharing her Experience

The young Canadian stated that the reason why she had uploaded the YouTube video documenting her journey was so that she could share the experience with people in order for them to learn more about what gender confirmation surgeries really mean to the transgender community. “They are not as simple as feeling better about the curve of our nose; it is much larger than that. These surgeries are about feeling like you, every day, when you wake up in the morning – before cinching, pulling, and covering every inch of your body with body shapers, tape, and cosmetics,” she said.

Ms. Sanjati finished off by saying the following about the procedures she has had and the ones that she will be having in the near future, “They’re about recognizing yourself in the mirror and feeling like living going outside, is possible, and not something to dread.”

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