Key Differences Between Facial Implants vs. Fillers

Cheek Implants

When it comes to erasing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles or plumping up the cheeks and lips, many patients aren’t sure whether dermal fillers or facial and lip implants will be the right choice for them. Below are a few comparisons with regards to the safety of implants versus dermal filler products.

1. Easily Reversible if Need Be

After dermal fillers are injected into the cheeks or lips, the effects of them will usually remain visible for between 4 and 8 months. However, implants last for many years, but can be removed at any time if a patient is no longer happy with the appearance of them.

2. A Permanent Solution

When having dermal fillers injected, patients need to remember that they will have to budget for them to be re-done once to twice a year. Although the cost of facial implants may seem excessively high when compared to that of dermal fillers, it’s because the implants will last for many years instead of just a few months.

3. No Risk of Vascular Compromise

In rare cases, having dermal fillers injected can result in the development of skin necrosis – and in rarer cases, blindness may also occur. The risk of either of these scenarios occurring when having implants placed is virtually zero.

4. Little to No Risk of Infection

The risk of infection occurring when having facial implants placed is extremely low – far lower than when many types of dermal filler injections are administered.

5. Non-Toxic and Non-Allergenic

Some patients unfortunately do have allergic reactions after having dermal filler injections administered. However, facial implants are a 100% non-allergic alternative.

6. Risk of Insertion by Insufficiently Trained Persons is Eliminated

The rise in so-called “Botox and filler parties” over the past few years has seen far too many people receiving dermal filler injections from people who are not qualified to administer them. Facial implants on the other hand, can only be inserted by suitably qualified, registered and experienced plastic surgeons.

7. Relatively Fast Placement Time

Dermal filler injections are definitely the quicker option to administer, with most usually taking a few minutes. Implant insertion takes a little longer – around 30 minutes or so to ensure that they are correctly placed.

8. Cheaper than Fillers Over the Long Term

Many patients balk at the initial cost of facial implants and opt for filler products because of this. However, over the long term, implants are the better option financially, as they last far longer.

9. Restore Facial Contours as well as Volume

While most dermal fillers are used to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, facial implants not only do this; they also help restore facial contours.

10. Most can be implanted under Local Anesthesia or Twilight Sleep

Many patients think that full anesthesia is required to have facial implants placed. However, most times, they can be inserted under local anesthesia or twilight sleep.

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