Not All Moles are Sexy – Is It Time to Remove Them?

Moles, often confused for beauty marks, can be sexy. But, there are some people who have the unfortunate luck to get moles that are not so pretty to look at. Some of the world’s most famous models and actors have moles on their face, but they are not an eyesore or health hazard. It’s important to know the signs of a bad mole and what to do about it.

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Moles Aren’t Always Bad

There are instances where moles are not bad. In fact, some moles can hardly be seen. From small flecks on the skin to dark patches, these are easily covered with makeup. Ancient Chinese beliefs say that some moles are lucky and some are unlucky.

A lucky mole is:

  • One right beneath the eyebrow, which says you’re intelligent and creative.
  • One just above the center of your upper lip, which says you will raise a big family.
  • One in the center of the forehead indicates you’re hardworking and creative, but still carefree.

An unlucky mole is:

  • One in the center of the nose, which indicates you may overspend easily.
  • Ones on either side of the nose, which indicate you are likely to fall very ill.

But it is not just Chinese predictions you have to worry about; you have to worry about your health, too.

When to be Concerned About Your Moles

Moles are pigmented skin cells, and can develop anywhere. While most moles are of no concern, they can become cancerous. Moles that have an odd shape, change color, grow in size, or start to feel itchy, painful, or bleed should be checked.

Even if a mole isn’t cancerous, it can be unsightly on the face. Some moles are in awkward places and can take away from the natural beauty of your face. You may even feel self-conscious about your looks because of a mole.

How a Plastic Surgeon Can Help

While a dermatologist can remove a mole, these often leave scars behind. A plastic surgeon is skilled at removing facial moles without leaving any trace. This is especially important for moles that take up a good deal of skin or that are deep and require some reconstruction after removal.

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