Simple Facial Procedure that can make you Look 20 Years Younger

Feeling Young

Cosmetic surgeries have come a long way in a relatively short amount of time. Looking younger is now not necessarily a matter of creams or facial masks, but can also be a matter of various surgical procedures designed specifically to give the individual a significantly more youthful appearance. These surgeries are becoming increasingly advanced and therefore increasingly capable of improving a person’s appearance within hours, rather than within days, weeks or months.


A rhytidectomy is the technical term for a facelift, which is one of the most common surgical techniques used today to give people a more youthful appearance very quickly. Essentially, all it entails is the removal of unneeded facial skin, often tightening the remaining skin, and sometimes includes additional cosmetic surgeries, so the rest of the face doesn’t look strange by comparison (for areas such as the eyelids). The result is a less wrinkled face. A neck lift is another common related procedure, which works under the same base premise of removing wrinkled and excess skin from a person’s neck. These surgeries are among the most commonly performed cosmetic surgeries in the United States.


Often accompanied with a rhytidectomy, blepharoplasty is a similar cosmetic procedure that modifies the appearance of a person’s eyelids. It can be taken for both the upper eyelid and the lower eyelid, and often is performed on both. While often used to correct poorly functioning eyelids, the procedure is also often undertaken to remove bags that form under the eyes, drooping eyelids, or wrinkles below the eye. As a rhytidectomy not accompanied by blepharoplasty can result in a noticeable difference between the eyelids and the rest of the face, these two procedures are often performed together, to create a face that is more consistently youthful overall.


Botulinum toxin A, more commonly referred to as Botox, is commonly used to prevent the development of wrinkles on the face, sometimes only taking a few days to display significant results. This is an even more common cosmetic operation than the facelift, due in part to the simplistic nature of the procedure; the Botox works to paralyze facial muscles, which makes wrinkles impossible to form. It should be noted that, true to its name, Botox is a toxic substance, so it would be wise to be certain that it is being used properly, as it can result in illness or even death. Used properly, however, and administered by a professional, Botox is one of the most effective ways of making people look younger.

Being made to look 20 years younger is no longer an impossible feat, nor is it a time-consuming one. Often, these procedures take a matter of hours, and all work to give a person a significantly more youthful appearance. While cost can be an issue, there is simply no way to deny the results of some of these procedures that truly do make some people look 20 years younger after a very simple facial procedure.