SOOF Lift – The Lower Eye Lid Facelift

No one likes the feeling or appearance of aging. Aging can have some pretty unattractive and even depressing effects. It can cause the look and feeling of fatigue, discolored or bland skin, and just make us feel unhealthy and, well, old. Many would say you are only as old as you feel and that age is just a number. One of the ways you can help feel and look younger is by taking advantage of a SOOF lift.

What is a SOOF Lift?

A SOOF Lift is a face lift, also known as suborbicularis oculi fat (SOOF) lifts , which is a procedure that can help beat the physical signs of aging. Some of the most common signs and features of aging is the development and appearance of bags beneath the lower eyelid. This can become visible in a number of ways, including the following forms:

  • Dark coloration in bags
  • Swollen appearance of bags
  • Drooping lower eyelid which unnaturally widens eyes
  • Excess skin and wrinkles

What causes common signs of aging in our skin?

As we age, the elasticity in our skin decreases. Unfortunately, this eventually results in saggy skin, which is even more apparent near the eyes, mouth, chin, and neck. These issues result from the increasing laxity of the skin and the prolapse of the fat beneath the skin.

How can a SOOF Lift procedure help?

Dr. Alan L. Jacobson and Dr. Vartan Mardirossian have performed numerous SOOFT Lift procedures that have resulted in happy clients and patients that now have the appearance of youthful, healthy looking skin. While the SOOF lift procedure is slightly more invasive than other types of facial rejuvenation and skin procedures, the procedure itself is fairly simple for a professional and skilled plastic surgeon. This procedure requires a small incision immediately below the eye or inside the eyelid. The fatty tissue that has descended is then repositioned higher and reattached to the facial bone.

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A SOOF lift can take between one and two weeks for a patient to fully recover and resume normal, daily activities. Once healed, patients should be pleased to have much smoother skin beneath the eye and a more youthful, fresh, and beautiful appearance. Many patients claim it takes years off their face.

How do you know if a SOOF Lift is right for you?

If you have considered a SOOF Lift or would like to learn about one, or about some of our other facial rejuvenation procedures, contact the Jacobson and Mardirossian Plastic Surgery Center for Excellence today at (561) 624-0900 and schedule a free no-obligation initial consultation. In addition, a SOOF lift can often be combined with a number of other surgical techniques if desired by a particular patient.

Prior to undergoing a SOOF Lift procedure or other type of facial rejuvenation procedure, schedule a consultation with either Dr. Jacobson, Dr. Mardirossian, or a member of our professional plastic surgery team to discuss the advantages, disadvantages, risks, and to go over the procedures in more detail. Our plastic surgery team will also make recommendations and suggestions on particular procedures that would work best for you so you, our clients, can make more informed decisions to their appearance and overall skin health. We believe in making our clients feel respected, comfortable, and to ensure them that we have their best interests and goals in mind.