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When Minimally Invasive Procedures Are Right for You


Although many people notice the first signs of aging beginning to appear on their facial and neck areas, not all of them are willing to have full-scale or invasive plastic surgery performed. However, these days, there are numerous minimally invasive procedures that can be performed, which will still enable them to enhance various aspects of their appearances that they are currently not satisfied with.

There are Concerns Regarding Pain and Scarring

Minimally invasive procedures will involve using a viewing scope in conjunction with specially designed instruments that will enable surgery to be performed through numerous tiny openings instead of a single large incision. This will result in less pain, minimal levels of discomfort and minimal scarring; enabling patients to enjoy their new looks a lot quicker.

Finances are Limited

Full-on plastic surgery is known for being prohibitively expensive in most cases, which also prevents a lot of people from going under the knife. However, in many instances, the non-invasive procedures will cost substantially less to carry out, which enables patients to achieve the looks of their dreams at more affordable prices. Factors that contribute to lower costs for minimally invasive procedures include shorter procedure times, fewer anesthesia’s needed and of course, shorter hospital stays, with most patients being able to return home within just a few hours after having these procedures performed.

Patients are Concerned about Recovery Times

Regular plastic surgery procedures have been known to leave patients out of action for many weeks afterwards. However, with most minimally invasive procedures, patients are able to return to regular daily routines within two weeks at the most. With many procedures though, patients are usually advised to rest for at least three to five days afterwards. In some cases, driving, excessively strenuous exercise and the lifting of heavy objects should not be done until given the all-clear by the surgeon who performed the procedure. Patients who have had laser skin treatments such as dermabrasion should also avoid sun exposure for a few weeks afterwards.

How Minimally Invasive Procedures can Improve Appearance

These procedures are able to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and age spots without having to resort to a full facelift procedure. They are also able to help rejuvenate tired skin, remove unwanted hair or even smooth out the skin by reducing the appearance of unsightly cellulite in some cases. An added advantage of minimally invasive surgery is that there is a far smaller chance of complications occurring afterwards, which provides patients with a little more peace of mind beforehand.

Before opting for any form of plastic surgery, it is strongly recommended that patients visit a reputable surgeon for a thorough consultation. This will help determine which procedures will be best for their particular situations and it will also ensure that they obtain the best possible results afterwards.