No Loose Skin – Minimally Invasive Skin TighteningTM

No-Loose-Skin1We are very excited to present to our patients the latest advance in lax and creepy skin tightening. Most technologies designated for skin or tissue tightening approach the problem from the outside inward with delivery of energy through the skin, be it ultrasound, radiofrequency, or the wide-range of laser wavelengths, but this new device is different!

The safety and effectiveness of this technology lies in several important concepts:

  • The small size and blunt tip of any invasive probe to minimize trauma
  • Controlled, tight confinement of delivered energy
  • Automatic internal tissue temperature sensing with computer-controlled automatic shut-off to ensure the maximum delivery of energy at safe levels
  • Adequate external skin temperature monitoring, which allows users to visualize energy delivery and temperature elevation.

We are currently investigating a new device incorporating all these features, allowing us to deliver treatment safely and consistently as part of our NOLOOSESKIN ™ treatment.

Please visit the Mardirossian Facial Aesthetics website or contact our office at (561) 624-0900 to further discuss this exciting new treatment for lax and creepy skin of the neck, chest, legs and arms.

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