Disadvantages and Advantages of Rhinoplasty

A nose job, also known as rhinoplasty, includes a procedure, which may alter the look of the nose in subtle ways or dramatic fashion. Prior to embarking on your surgical journey, it is vital that you be aware of some things prior to beginning the procedure.

You might be a good candidate for rhinoplasty surgery if you feel the potential benefits outweigh the possible risks and have realistic expectations. Like any life choice, opting to undergo any type of surgical procedure has its disadvantages and advantages.

Rhinoplasty Advantages


Occasionally, a nose may be a distracting feature upon an individual’s face. The unique shape of a nose might create an imbalance between the nose and face. Occasionally, an individual like a celebrity, might be well-known for their nose. Individuals such as Owen Wilson, Bill Clinton, or Barbara Streis and never would think about undergoing a nose job, due to their noses being features with which the general public is familiar. But, for normal, every day individuals like us, a big nose might be something which might not seem to fit upon an otherwise ‘balanced’ face.

Improved Nasal Airflow

A variety of structures inside the nose may contribute to problems with airflow through the nose and breathing. Trauma from sports, accidents, or altercations may result in nasal septum deviation. This structure includes a wall which separates the left and right side of your nose. If your septum is crooked, one or both sides of your nasal airway might be blocked to airflow. Oftentimes, a septoplasty is done along with a nose job in order to straighten a crooked septum and nose, improving both the look of the nose and airflow.

The inferior turbinates include an additional set of structures inside your nose which may lead to nasal airway obstruction. Nasal surgery may be conducted to shrink the size of the seturbinates to improve airflow. Oftentimes, turbinoplasty is performed during the same time as arhinoplasty. Turbinates don’t affect the look of the nose.

Confidence and Self-image

In instances in which individuals suffer with self-image and self-esteem problems, positive changes to the look of the nose may offer someone an increase in confidence after rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty Disadvantages

Thick Skin

Nasal skin that is thick makes it more challenging for rhinoplasty results to be seen. It’s particularly a fact in those desiring a more refined or defined nasal tip. Tip Plasty or Finesse Rhinoplasty may sculpt your nasal tip cartilage. However, if your overlying skin is thick, it’ll be more challenging to witness the results of a nose operation.


There’s only so much which may be accomplished using nose surgery. The nose’s shape may be manipulated to different degrees by reshaping cartilage and bone. However, there are limits based upon an individual’s overall anatomy.

Never bring in pictures of a favorite celebrity’s nose.

Unless you’re an identical twin of your favorite celebrity, it’s unrealistic to think that you’ll have the ability to have a similar nose no matter how successful the outcome of a rhinoplasty procedure. Therefore, concentrate on the unique aspects of your nose which concern you, and which you’d like to see improved, and be specific regarding your expectations and goals in your consultation.

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