Five Reasons to Never Get Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery Reasons

Advancements in plastic surgery technology and techniques to reduce negative side effects have made the idea of having it seem quite attractive. More people than ever before are considering the idea of undergoing some form of plastic surgery.

While plastic surgery can benefit numerous groups of people, it’s not for everyone. it’s important that you examine the psychological reasoning behind your thinking before making a decision to go ahead with plastic surgery. Examine all the driving forces behind your thought processes and take into account the following 5 reasons to never have plastic surgery.

To Look Like a Celebrity

Trying to look like a celebrity should never be a reason to get plastic surgery. Celebrities are polarizing figures that we all admire, but it’s important to realize that many of the physical characteristics that make them so attractive are actually artificially manufactured. Things like excessive makeup, camera angles, and photo shopping are all done to make celebrities appear more attractive than they actually are.

To Fight Depression

Any ill, unpleasant, or unhappy feelings you have toward yourself or life will not be changed by plastic surgery. Your outward appearance might effect your overall opinion of your self to a certain degree, but it will never be the determining factor in your overall happiness. People wishing to fight depression are advised to see a psychiatrist. In most cases, plastic surgery done on people who are depressed will actually worsen their symptoms.

To Please Your Significant Other

It’s quite common for partners to not be fully satisfied by the outward appearance of each other. This often occurs as people people change with age. Pressure by your partner to appear more physically attractive is not a reason to get plastic surgery. Should your partner not be pleased with the way you look before plastic surgery, his or her opinion will not change after.

To Get a Job

The job market is thin and the pressure to look attractive is high. Many believe increasing their level of physical attractiveness will put them in a better position to get a job or advance their career. This type of thinking is not logical. In the end, plastic surgery will never be the reason you get a job or advance your career and in some cases might have the opposite effect.

To Get Revenge or Make Others Jealous

Many people use plastic surgery to get revenge on people who made fun of them at some point in their life. They believe that making their abuser jealous will be the ultimate form of revenge. Being made fun of or mentally abused is a horrible thing that can cause a great deal of psychological pain. Dealing with the pain should never be dealt with by having plastic surgery. It can actually cause more damage than relief.

Should you go ahead with plastic surgery for the above mentioned reasons, you will be doing yourself a disservice. Any problems you had before surgery will surely get worse.