Get Beautiful Lips with a Lip Lift

Do you want beautiful, soft lips that are not only beautiful to the touch but also make you look younger? Consider lip lift plastic surgery to help rid wrinkles and the appearance of age, and finally have the beautiful, younger-looking lips you’ve always wanted.

So what causes aging in the lips that makes them look older, weaker, and less attractive? Often times, with age, is the descent of the upper lip, which ends up covering the teeth, giving one the appearance of looking older. Many may not consciously notice that when a younger person smiles, the upper lip reveals the top row of teeth, making his or her smile appear wide, bright, and beautiful.

Those individuals who are aware of this and want to change it now have an option: lip rejuvenation, or commonly referred to as a lip lift procedure. Dr. Vartan Mardirossian and his professional team of Palm Beach plastic surgeon scan perform this lip lift procedure, which not only makes the lips appear fuller and plump again, but also displays the teeth in a youthful and appealing way.

Individuals and patients who choose to undergo lip rejuvenation or a lip lift procedure can rest assured that this type of plastic surgery procedure is minimally invasive and only requires local anesthesia. Recovery time is also brief. The lip lift rejuvenation procedure involves a plastic surgeon making a small incision at the base of the nose, removing a small layer of skin, and then closing the incision. So how does this give a fuller appearance to the lips? The incision made beneath the nose leaves behind a virtually invisible scar, leaving the lips looking fuller, plump, healthier, and younger, without the use of any plastics or supplemental material.

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For those individuals and patients who prefer to have their lips enhanced with plastics material and supplements, Dr. Mardirossian and his professional team can inject implants into the lips to enhance their fullness. One of the most popular procedures is to inject filler into the lips. Much like the lip rejuvenation and lip lift procedure, the procedure of adding filler or plastic material can also be done in a visit to our office and under local anesthesia.

If a patient or individual is interested in a type of lip enhancement procedure, but would like more than just a lip lift, but do not want to undergo a procedure that involves plastic supplements, another option they can consider is a fat transfer procedure. A fat transfer can involve taking a patient’s own natural fat and inserting it in the lips. One of the biggest advantages to Dr. Mardirossian and team performing this type of procedure is that patients can undergo this procedure and see desirable results without fear of allergic reactions, which can sometimes occur in more sensitive patients.

Lip Lift Plastic Surgery Boca Raton

If you are considering or have ever considered lip rejuvenation or lip lift plastic surgery procedure, contact the office of Dr. Mardirossian and Dr. Jacobson for a free, no-obligation consultation. Our professional team will sit down and go over each procedure, the advantages and disadvantages, side effects, if any, and what the outcomes will likely look like. Our clients and patients are comfortable working with our team and we are happy to give them the results that make them feel better about themselves and more beautiful.