Plastic Surgery Following an Accident

There is a lot on your plate following an accident. Not only do you have to deal with the emotional recovery, there is also physical recovery. Whether it is a motor vehicle accident, burn, or slip and fall, accidents cause significant damage to the facial tissue, muscles, and bones. But, these damages do not have to be permanent. Innovations in plastic surgery today have allowed skilled physicians to help accident victims return to their previous looks – if not better.

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In some cases, your plastic surgery or reconstructive surgery may be covered by auto insurance, a settlement or health insurance. Therefore, do not assume you do not have options following your accident.

Rebuilding Your Looks

Reconstructive surgery following an accident can repair and enhance structures of the face and body. While reconstructive surgery is generally performed to improve a person’s facial and body functions, it can also be used to help an individual recover from an accident or trauma.

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Recovering from Facial Trauma

Facial trauma is by far one of the most devastating injuries a person can endure. Whether it is from blunt injuries or lacerations, it can result in severe damage to the facial tissues, skeleton, and even dental structures (learn about scars and plastic surgery).

Will Insurance Cover My Facial Reconstruction?

In most cases, if your injuries are the result of an accident, your insurance should cover at least a portion of the cost to perform reconstructive surgery.

Understanding the Emotional Aspect

Even after the wounds and scars have healed, you may suffer from depression, anxiety or other intense emotions post-surgery. Bodily changes can lead to depression and there is a common occurrence in patients, referred to as “postoperative depression” that can make it difficult to carry on with your daily life.

If you are suffering from any type of postoperative depression, contact your surgeon right away for a referral to a specialist. In addition to facial reconstructive procedures, you may also need therapy or counseling to help you overcome the emotional recovery of your accident.

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