The Newest Technology in Laser Therapy Skin Treatments

Laser therapy might seem intimidating or scary to most individuals. Patients that inquire about laser therapy usually have questions and concerns on the laser technology used, if the procedure is invasive or not, and on the overall outcome and effects. However, in choosing to work with an experienced and knowledgeable plastic surgery professional, patients can rest assured they are in good hands.

Dr. Jacobson has been offering Laser Therapy treatment options at his practice since 1978. Each year there are notable improvements in laser technology, and Dr. Jacobson and Dr. Mardirossian take the time to learn about the different technology, perfect their usage, and incorporate that technology to improve the overall outcome and results of a patient’s procedure.

Don’t you hate those ugly brown spots? They are mostly found on the face, chest, and back. Most brown spots are caused by sun damage and age. In fact, did you know that over 90% of the signs of premature aging are sunlight related? Dr. Jacobson and Dr. Mardirossian and their professional plastic surgery team are experienced in recognizing and treating brown spots caused by sun damage in many men and women, particularly those who are middle-aged or who are approaching middle age.

So why and how do brown spots form? They are actually your body’s attempt to protect itself from overexposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays by overproducing melanin. They are commonly found on the face, neck, shoulders, chest, and arms, which are all areas that are commonly and easily exposed to the sun.

Each laser technology can perform a different function and treat a different skin-related problem, in addition to brown spots, such as red marks, scars, tattoos, stretch marks, wrinkles, hair removal, and so on. In fact, the newest laser technology is non-invasive, and has increased in patient approval, comfort, and popularity since it has become available. This technology improves the treatment of wrinkles, scarring, and redness without swelling, minimal pain, and significant recovery down time.

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In addition, laser therapy and the latest technology have proven to improve the color and texture of the skin. Brown spots and red spots found commonly on the chest, back, and face are easily treatable. Patients not only look but feel years younger. They feel rejuvenated, younger, fresher, and revitalized. Working alongside a skilled and professional plastic surgeon in West Palm Beach area is important to ensuring that laser technology is used appropriately, effectively, and safely, and to ensure that proper results are respected and reached for each patient.

We also offer free, no-obligation initial consultations to discuss each skin treatment option, each process, side effects, and even our recommendations and suggestions for each patient. We believe this is what puts the “excellence” in our name and brand, and what stands us apart from competing practices and plastic surgery centers.

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If you have any questions or concerns about the use of laser technology or the treatment of brown spots, patients are welcome to contact the Jacobson and Mardirossian Plastic Surgery Center for Excellence at 561-624-0900. Feel free to also visit our webpage for additional information, peruse our “before and after” photos in our online gallery to get a feel for former patients’ experiences as well as see results, and speak with a member of our plastic surgery team.