Top Countries for Plastic Surgery

Top Countries for Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a booming industry. In fact, Americans alone spent some $11 billion on these procedures in 2013 – including Botox and other nonsurgical procedures. Worldwide, the industry tops out near $100 billion annually. There are several countries where plastic surgery is incredibly popular, and the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons can provide some insight.

#5 – Mexico

Mexico comes in at number five on the list of top countries for plastic surgery. In this country, there are 1,634 plastic surgeons, and the most popular procedures include eyelid surgery and facial fat grafting. While Mexico ranks rather low when it comes to the number of residents seeking breast augmentation, it comes in quite high for procedures performed on the body and extremities. In fact, it’s number three in the world in that category. Mexico also ranks highly in facial plastic surgeries, but falls behind again in terms of injectables, which aren’t as readily available in that country. More than 923,000 cosmetic procedures were performed in Mexico in 2016.

#4 – Italy

Italy ranks quite low when it comes to cosmetic head and facial procedures, even when compared to countries like Germany, and it only barely nudges ahead of Turkey in this category. However, people in Italy do seem to seek more breast augmentations than women in many other countries. Surprisingly, Italy’s booming plastic surgery economy is fed primarily with injectables like Botox and fillers; these are the most common procedures in that country, and Italy comes in third in this category behind the US and Brazil, respectively. However, there were more than 957,000 cosmetic procedures performed in this country overall in 2016.

#3 – Japan

Plastic surgery is growing in popularity in Japan; in 2016, some 1,137,000 procedures were performed in this country alone. Japan came in second when it came to non-surgical procedures like facial rejuvenation, but it seemed to fall behind in terms of injectables. Body and extremity surgery, which includes breast augmentation, is quite rare in Japan, and this country came in at the bottom of the list in this category – well behind countries like Turkey, Spain, Colombia, and even Iran.

#2 – Brazil

Brazil is one of the world’s plastic surgery meccas, and it’s the place where the coveted “Brazilian Butt Lift” was first developed. Women are very keen on both surgical and nonsurgical procedures in this country. Brazil comes in second in most categories, including breast augmentation, but it exceeds even the United States in the number of facial and head procedures carried out each year, which is surprising to many. This is true although there are roughly 1000 fewer plastic surgeons in Brazil than in the United States.

#1 – United States

As of 2016, there were 6600 plastic surgeons licensed and in practice in the United States – far more than any other country in the world. American surgeons performed some 4.2 million cosmetic procedures in that year alone, including procedures for patients who traveled from other countries for the best possible medical care. The US performs the most breast augmentations, the most injections, and the most nonsurgical procedures of any other country. It’s only outperformed in a couple of areas, and in this case, Brazil took the number one spot.

While it’s true that the United States is the apex of plastic surgery in the world with at least 1000 more plastic surgeons than any other country, Brazil, Japan, Italy, and Mexico are no strangers to cosmetic procedures – and they’re growing in popularity in these countries every day.