Turkey Is For Thanksgiving: Say Goodbye To Turkey Wattle Neck

Thanksgiving is a glorious holiday – whether you’re spending quality time with family and friends or simply looking forward to overindulging in a delicious meal.

For many people, Thanksgiving is a time to eat as much food as possible in one day and then hit the treadmill hard the next. Unfortunately, not every inch of fat on your body can be diminished by a long run on the treadmill.

If you’ve been dealing with the issue of ‘turkey wattle neck’, your best option may be to consider having a neck lift done to solve the problem!

What Is Turkey Wattle Neck?

Turkey is for ThanksgivingThe phrase “turkey neck” comes from describing a turkey’s chin. For men and women, this feature is often common with aging, but it certainly doesn’t make living with this characteristic any easier.

Many times, a ‘turkey wattle’ is the result of excess fat, or loose or weakened neck muscles. Some other contributing factors can include sun damage, weight gain or even genetics.

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What Are Your Options?

There are some facial exercises that can help to tighten the skin around your neck, which can result in a more youthful appearance, but this method may still leave you with a turkey wattle under your chin.

Another more permanent and immediate option is to undergo a neck lift procedure. This procedure involves making three incisions: one behind both ears and one beneath the chin. Once the incisions have been made, a plastic surgeon will remove any of the excess fat deposits and excess skin and effectively readjust the muscles and skin so your jaw line and neck-skin appear much smoother.

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What is the Healing Process?

The small incisions are repaired with tiny sutures. Once they have healed over, the incisions will almost be impossible to see. Because two of them are behind each ear, nobody will be able to tell you had any procedures performed at all.

Neck lifts are becoming more and more popular, not only because they are such an easy procedure to have performed, but because the recovery time is so short. Recovery time after a neck lift is only a few days. Many of the patients who choose to have this surgery done are able to have it completed entirely in a few hours and are not required to stay at the clinic.

How Will It Help?

Many people are tired of their turkey wattles but aren’t sure how to get rid of them. If you’re suffering from low self-esteem due to turkey wattle, a neck lift can be the solution to your sadness! Not only will this procedure allow you to lose the excess skin and appear to have lost weight, but it can also help you appear younger in age. This can help boost your confidence.

Contact our qualified neck lift plastic surgeons today for more information and a free consultation at (561) 537-3588 or visit us online. We don’t want you to be reminded of Thanksgiving every time you look in the mirror, so get rid of your turkey wattle and enjoy seeing one turkey wattle a year!