What You Can Do about Sun Damage

The Florida sun can be brutal. The good news is you don’t have to stop enjoying it with the help of a West Palm Beach plastic surgeon. Unfortunately, sun damage is extremely dangerous and can easily affect you, even if you take all the necessary proper precautions. The sun is a powerful force and it does not necessarily take a lot of exposure to change the characteristics of your skin.

Have you noticed unsightly changes in your skin such as raised bumps (solar keratoses), scaly or rough skin, sagging skin, enlarged blood vessels, age spots, or an uneven tan? All of these aspects can be improved with the help of a plastic surgeon. Find out about the treatment options available to you from your local West Palm Beach plastic surgeon.

Sun Damage Repair

A plastic surgeon can help you determine whether or not you are a proper candidate for a sun damage repair procedure. Some common sun damage repair solutions include creams and ointments that remove dead skin cells and chemical peels, as well as laser abrasion procedures to strip the top layer of skin. Plastic surgeons often use lasers to treat sun damage and age spots.

Light energy in the form of a laser is emitted onto the targeted, sun-damaged areas of your skin. This energy, however, actually penetrates the surface of the skin and breaks up the skin pigmentation and vascular lesions. These skin imperfections are the characteristics associated with sun damage.

No matter where the skin is located on your body—legs, chest, arms or face—once the pigmentation is eliminated the skin takes on a youthful, healthier glow. It’s the excess skin pigmentation and dead skin in general that can give your skin that dull appearance as you age. Lasers also, of course, emit heat, which stimulates healing mechanisms naturally located within the body. This results in the production of new collagen, which gives skin its elasticity; a lack of collagen accounts for sagging and wrinkles. This also means that you’ll continue to look better and better as time passes after your treatment!

During and After Treatment

Do you have questions about sun damage repair treatment options? Here is some information on how an experienced West Palm Beach plastic surgeon should go about providing during and post-treatment care.

During Treatment: The majority of patients find sun damage removal procedures to be characterized by a warming sensation. Numbing cream helps increase your comfort level, and it is thoroughly applied prior to treatment. The number of lasers needed, as well as the number of passes these lasers make, is dependent upon your type of sun damage.

After Treatment: Following any sun damage repair treatment, tiny dark spots will appear upon the treated area and disappear within several days. For the first two weeks following the treatment, it’s important for you to follow the moisturizing schedule set recommended by your plastic surgeon. Most patients do not have to wait or experience significant downtime following a procedure before resuming normal, daily activities.

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Do you love spending time in the Florida sun, but hate the way it makes your skin look afterwards? Being active is the key to a healthy lifestyle, and you can’t do that without avoiding the sun. Even taking proper precautions can still lead to sun damage. To learn more about some sun damage repair treatment options, contact the plastic surgeons at Jacobson & Mardirossian today for a free consultation. Call us now at 561-623-3142.

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