Why More Asian People Want to Look Like Westerners

Asian Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is becoming quite popular in Asia. The United States remains the leader in total number of plastic surgeries performed, but many Asian countries, like China and Japan, are quickly gaining ground. In South Korea, the amount of plastic surgeries per capita has actually exceeded that of the United States. It’s become quite popular for many Asian women to have plastic surgery to gain a more “western” look. Many are curious as to why this is occurring. The following have been looked at as possible reasons:

Asian Value Systems

Asian cultures value many of the same things as western cultures. A strong emphasis is placed on success, wealth, and attractiveness. Moving up in social status is encouraged. Western and Asian cultures encourage a “whatever it takes” mentality to move up the social ladder. It’s hypothesized that plastic surgery is a new and popular way in which Asians are attempting to gain hierarchy.

A Shift to a Western View of Beauty

It’s believed that the Asian community has shifted its idea of beauty to a more western one. Facial features like longer noses and wider eyes are now looked at as the gold standard. In addition, a greater appreciation for larger breasts and buttocks has be seen. Perhaps this is due to an increase in the amount of exposure to western culture. The internet and social media now make western culture easily available to Asians. It’s easier than ever before for Asians to pick up a computer or phone and look at pictures of popular western celebrities and models. This can have a tremendous effect on how attractive Asians feel and be a driving force when contemplating plastic surgery.

An Increase on the Importance of an English Education

There’s been a strong push towards educating Asians in a western education model and in the English language. Many Asian governments hire westerners to live and teach in their countries. This has done two things. First, it’s caused the Asian community to view western culture as “better” than their own. Second, it’s made actual western exposure more available to Asian youth. More young Asians are meeting westerners and noticing the differences in the way the look. They believe that they will be more attractive and “better” if they look like westerners. While this thought process is neither healthy nor logical, it can cause some Asians to decide to have plastic surgery to alter their appearance.

In conclusion, the exact reason for the increase in plastic surgery to appear more western is not fully known. It’s something that is currently being investigated and is probably caused by multiple factors rather than just one. The above mentioned three reasons are supported and the most likely that we have to date. It’s important to realize that all Asians don’t want to look like westerners. Should you be interested in this topic, it might be worthwhile to discuss it with an Asian friend or physician.