5 Questions to Ask During a Rhinoplasty Consultation

Rhinoplasty Questions

Many patients opt to have rhinoplasty procedures performed each year to have medical and/or cosmetic issues attended to. Before having any form of nose surgery performed though, it is essential that patients ask their chosen surgeon a few important questions.

How Many Rhinoplasty Procedures have you Performed?

Before agreeing to work with a particular surgeon, it is essential that they have an extensive level of experience in performing these procedures. This will not only ensure that the procedure goes according to plan; it will greatly reduce the chances of having any complications occur afterwards as well. If possible, try to find a surgeon who performs at least 80 to 100 of these procedures per year.

What is Your Policy on Revisions?

Patients who have had rhinoplasty performed need to know that their chosen surgeon will be willing to sort out any issues in the event that they are not happy with the end results. It is also a good idea to ask the surgeon if he has had to perform any rhinoplasty surgery revisions, and if so, what his revision rate is. If he or she is not willing to divulge honest information in this regard, it will be best to approach another surgeon.

Can I Contact Other Patients Who Have Had Rhinoplasty Performed by You?

In most cases, surgeons who have performed numerous nose surgeries will be more than willing to provide contact details of the patients in question (provided that they have given their consent). This will allow potential patients to see whether their chosen surgeon will be able to provide them with the end results they desire. If the surgeon seems hesitant to provide any patient details or information pertaining to the surgeries performed, it may be a sign to go elsewhere.

Are There Any Risks Associated with the Procedure?

There will be potential risks associated with having any form of plastic or cosmetic surgery performed. This can include allergic reactions to anesthesia, infection setting in at the site of surgery and/or excessive bleeding. Any surgeon who tries to tell a patient that there are absolutely no risks associated with rhinoplasty is not being truthful, and if this is the case, you will be better off approaching another surgeon.

Can I See Before and After Photos of Previous Patients?

Being able to view before and after photos of previous patients is one of the best ways to determine whether a surgeon will be able to perform the procedure according to your specifications. It will also allow you to see if a particular surgeon is in fact able to perform nose surgeries properly. It is important to ensure that you are able to contact at least a few of the patients in the photos to determine whether the surgeon has indeed performed their procedures.

It is essential to schedule at least one or two consultations with the rhinoplasty surgeon that you intend using, as this will also allow you to determine whether you will be comfortable with his or her bedside manner. Before allowing a particular surgeon to perform rhinoplasty, it is crucial to ensure that they are registered and certified as well.