What is the Lunch Hour Nose Job?

Lunch Hour Nose Job

Most people are under the impression that surgery is the only option for reshaping their noses. While this used to be the case until a few years ago, patients can now have the appearances of their noses altered quickly, effectively and in a relatively pain-free manner when they decide to have the lunch hour nose job option performed instead.

Nose Job with a Difference

The lunch hour nose job or liquid nose job as it is also known as is a non-surgical form of rhinoplasty that involves having dermal fillers injected under the skin of the nose. This procedure has been specifically designed and developed to help correct nasal asymmetry as well as any bumps or lumps that may be present on any part of the nose. Surgeons have noted that the lunch hour nose job can also help reshape and even lift the tip of the nose to change its appearance completely. Patients can have this procedure performed to correct deformities cause by surgery or damage that has resulted from an injury.

How the Injections are given

These injections are administered in a plastic surgery clinic by qualified surgeons and a strong numbing lotion or cream is applied to the nose beforehand to minimize the pain. Ultra fine needles are used to help minimize bruising and discomfort and to ensure that the fillers are administered correctly. In some cases, a few injections may be required for the patient to obtain the desired end results.

Many Advantages

Unlike with a full rhinoplasty procedure, a liquid nose job is a relatively pain-free procedure which requires no downtime after being performed, meaning that patients are able to go right back to work afterwards – hence it being known as the lunch hour nose job. Owing to the fact that the end results are not permanent, patients can try out a new look before committing to having full on nose surgery performed. Another upside is that this procedure is not only a lot cheaper to have performed than regular rhinoplasty; there is also a substantially lower risk of infection developing afterwards. There is a far lower chance of complications occurring afterwards as well.

Post-Operative Care

One of the only side effects that patients can expect to experience afterwards is mild swelling, occasional bruising, a little tenderness and redness at the site of the injections themselves. However, most of this will settle down fully within 24 to 48 hours at the most, and patients will normally be able to return to their regular routines almost immediately after the injections have been administered. Patients will need to remember that, while the initial results will be visible right after they have had the filler treatment performed, it may take up to a week before the results will be fully noticeable.

Although this treatment is not technically classified as surgery, it is still essential that it be administered by a surgeon who is qualified and experienced. This will help minimize the risk of infection or allergic reactions, while also providing patients with the best possible end results.