How Facial Lasers Peel Back the Years for a more Youthful Look

Facial Lasers

Most people might not realize the effectiveness of facial lasers when it comes to getting a more youthful look, but technology has reached the point where they can be a quick, harmless, and convenient way to peel back the years. Lasers are capable of removing age spots and other unsightly areas on the surface of your skin, but they can also dig deep and stimulate the body’s natural youthening agents, creating a younger look in just a matter of seconds.

Superficial Damage

A great deal of damage done to facial skin is superficial, in that it only affects the surface of the skin. The use of facial lasers can reduce or even remove this damage by destroying damaged cells. The lasers provide doctors with the ability to target only one specific part of the face and to do absolutely no damage to any surrounding tissue. From there, the cells are removed and the skin has a chance to heal in a normal manner that will leave no lasting scars or lesions. In some cases, laser surgery may leave a mark that can last for a few days or weeks. However, this mark fades quickly and leaves the skin not only looking great, but healthier than ever before because the damaged area is gone for good.

Going Deeper

Some skin issues are more than surface deep. In those cases, lasers can once again come in handy. CO2 facial lasers target not the surface layer of the skin but instead delve into the deeper layers. It is here that nutrients and collagen help to control your skin health. By providing focused heat to these layers, the laser treatment provides the optimum temperature for the release of collagen and nutrients into the surface layers of your skin. This means that you skin will get more essentials for good health, which in turn makes your face look younger. In most cases, this type of procedure is simple and nonintrusive, capable of being done on an outpatient basis.

Regional Surface Removal

Not every blemish is the size of a mole or restricted to only a tiny portion of the face. Sometimes, skin problems can extend across an entire region or even across the whole face. In this case, two kinds of facial lasers are called for. The CO2 lasers which target deep areas of the skin and help increase collagen production is important in the long-term, but first the surface of the damaged region needs to be removed. The reason that lasers are so effective in this regard is that they can remove the top layer of skin completely painlessly, making the process much quicker and less abrasive than other cosmetic treatments. Once the damaged region is burned away, the healing can begin.

Facial lasers can take care of both superficial and serious skin damage. By consulting with an expert on cosmetic surgery, you can find which lasers are best for you and turn your aging face into something that is young, vibrant, and ready for anything.