How to Regenerate your Skin with Microneedling

Microneedling Tips

Microneedling is a state-of-the-art procedure that uses advanced, medical-grade microneedles to make very tiny punctures in the skin. The process uses a specific pattern for best results, is completely safe, and is not painful. It can help many people with skin issues to slowly, naturally regenerate their skin for touchable, beautiful results that boost confidence.

How Does It Work?

Microneedling works by making microscopically small punctures in the skin. The body’s natural reaction to this process is to perform a natural reparative process which restores the skin. It does this by providing new collagen and elastin to the areas where the microneedles have been used. New cells are generated, blood supply is enhanced, and the results start almost as soon as the tiny needles pierce your skin, continuing the process for as much as six weeks afterwards.

What to Expect

The process itself takes around one hour from start to finish, and there is little to no downtime or recovery involved. Although there is no real recovery period, you should still avoid overly-strenuous exercise, saunas, hot tubs, and direct sunlight for around 48 hours – or two days – to ere on the side of caution. These things are potentially difficult for your skin to begin with, and being cautious is always the safest route.

Although one treatment can see noteworthy results for individuals with minimal skin issues, a series of treatments is the best course of action for individuals with more severe skin issues needing addressing. This includes items such as: fine lines, wrinkles, large pores, stretch marks, pigmentation issues, and scars caused by surgery or acne. For these issues, a series of three to five treatments is recommended. Each treatment should be placed at least four to six weeks apart, but longer periods of time between treatments are fine.

Key Benefits

The key benefits of receiving microneedling treatments on your skin are as follows:

  • Good for any skin type, so everyone can enjoy remarkable results.
  • Little to no downtime or recovery means you can continue with your normal routine directly after leaving the doctor’s office.
  • Smoother, healthier looking skin.
  • Reduction in fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks, and scars.
  • Pigmentation issues are minimalized so that discoloration slowly begins to appear less pronounced over the six-week period.
  • Reduction in size of large pores. This not only looks better, but helps to fight against blackheads as well.
  • Truly younger skin, because your skin is literally rebuilding itself.
  • Process is painless, safe, and uses your body’s own healing properties. This makes nearly everyone a perfect candidate for the procedure.
  • Boost in confidence from better appearing skin, which can transfer over to other aspects of your life – such as work, home, relationships, etc.